"Waffles and Mo

 you are a laugh a minute!!!"

"One thing Mo! You make my day their's only one Mo!!"

"I love it and so does my daughter we love you guys" 

"Just love watching you guys made my day everyday"

"I just love our coloured culture" 

"I can't stop laughing..... Tears & all... This mother is so extra" 

"You make the best videos" 

"Julle is baie oorspronklik....wens die hele SA kon saam lag...oulik" 

" you are that mommy and more!! Besides, you make me feel like laughing every time you you say something. Don't change, you're an original!! " 


"This mother and daughter duo are dik mal lmaoooooo just loveee them"


"Dankie Waffles & Mo vir awesome funny videos wat julle maak.My 3jaar oud nephew Noah lag die hardste met my sy Godmama Nana elke keer watch ons Waffles & Mo saam.Noah lag so hard soos hy verstaan dan vra ek Nana hoekom lag jy dan se hy Nana they are so funny."